Thief Trackers (2015)

10 x 30' for BBC1

Thief Trackers image

In this brand new format we travel the country to catch the thieves by tracking them as they walk away with stolen items. They have no idea that what they are stealing is giving off a signal which is being followed by tv cameras….we follow the story of what happens to stolen goods.

Katherine Mills: Mind Games

4 x 60' for Watch

Katherine Mills

Katherine Mills: Mind Games blends Katherine's skills in mentalism, together with her love of magic, to perform stunning acts of mind control.

Australia (Foxtel and Seven), Canada (TVO), New Zealand (TVNZ), Norway (NRK), Sweden (SVT), Thailand (Bangkok TV), Turkey (DYG). I think there is also something pending in France and possibly a couple of other deals in SE Asia.


Ultimate Action Movies
Greatest Ever War Films
Britain’s Favourite Detectives
Shocking Moment’s in Pop
TV’s Nastiest Villains
The Greatest 80’s Movies
Britain’s Best Loved Double Acts
Shocking TV Moments
Shocking Reality TV Moments
Greatest Ever Sitcoms
Shocking Celebrity TV Moments 2014

The Happenings

4 x 60' for Watch

The Happenings

4 towns – 4 incredible stories. Barry and Stuart use magic to try and convince towns in the UK and America that the unbelieveable may actually be believable.


Greatest Kids TV Show
Greatest Stand Up Comedians
Greatest Ever Christmas Movies
Most Shocking Celebrity Moments


4 x 60' for Watch

Jonathan Goodwin

The Incredible Mr Goodwin (Watch, 9.00 pm for five consecutive weeks) features the extraordinary skills of escapologist and professional danger man Jonathan Goodwin, a man who combines the skills of Houdini and Superman with the everyday routines of fatherhood and family life.

Australia (ABC), Belgium (VRT), Canada (OLN), CIS (Channel 1), E Europe (Viasat), Finland (MTV), France (RMC Decouverte), Germany (Pro7), Holland (VPRO), Hong Kong (TVB), Iceland (Icelandic TV), India (Discovery), Italy (Sky), Denmark (Viasat), Korea (Korea Tv), New Zealand (TVNZ), Norway (Viasat), Lat Am (A&E), Poland (TVN), Spain (Antena 3), Sweden (TV4), Turkey (DYG), USA (BBCA).


20 x 30' for BBC 1

Gloria Hunnifordcop photo

This dynamic new format looks at the serious issue of confidence tricks and cold-calling cons perpetrated on our doorsteps.


3 x 120' for BBC 3

Movie Mistakes 3

From Iron Man 2 to the King’s Speech, The Expendable to the final Harry Potter – it’s movie cock-ups galore! These are the best Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Mistake of the last 18 months.


20 x 30' for BBC 3

Real Hustle image

Alex, Jess and Paul are back ! But now they’ve recruited to new member Polly and Jazz. They pull off their biggest and most audacious scams to date all captured on hidden cameras.


1 x 180' for Channel 5


It’s back! From Charlie Sheen to Demi and Ashton - The countdown of the World’s biggest celebrity shock moments of 2011.


1 x 180' for Channel 5

David Copperfield imageDerren Brown image

A countdown of the 50 greatest magic tricks of all time from Derren Brown to David Copperfield with talking heads including Dynamo and Penn and Teller.

There’s Something About Josie

3 x 60' for Channel 5

There’s Something About Josie image

We follow celebrity couple Josie and John James in this brand new docu-soap

Greatest TV Weddings

1 x 120’ for Channel 5

Greatest TV Weddings image

From Eastenders to Peep Show - a celebration of the funniest, most shocking and greatest TV weddings

Most Shocking Talent Show Moments

1 x 180’ for Channel 5

Most Shocking Talent Show Moments image

It’s the countdown show of the most shocking moment in TV talent history. We look back at our favourite contestants from “The X Factor” to “The Apprentice”, “Strictly Come Dancing” to “Dancing On Ice”, “I’m A Celebrity” to “Cirque de Celebrite” - creating Headlines and controversy off and on screen.. All the scraps, sing-offs, dance –offs and controversial Fired moments that we all love to watch.


Channel 4 - 3 x 2 hours


In these 3 x 2hour comedy shows for Channel 4 David Walliams reveals his favourite worst clips from the world of television, adverts and movies.


BBC 3 – 1 x 2HOURS


Robert Webb is back with the latest movie bloopers from your favourite films.


Five – 3 x 120'



BBC1 – 15 x 45’


Welcome to “Dirty Tricks of the Tradesmen” the show where we become the bad contractors to rip of unsuspecting members of the public in their own homes. We’ll take unfortunate householders for a ride hitting them with all the naughty tricks of the trade and dodgy practices carried out by cowboy contractors and then ripping them off with hugely inflated charges. Why? So viewers learn what to look out for and how to spot when they are about to be ripped off in their own home. This is the show that protects you from facing hugely inflated costs, dodgy firms and botched jobs.


BBC3 – 20 x 30 – Series 10 & 11


The latest cons and scams from around the World revealed by Jess, Paul and Alex.

Great TV Mistakes

(1 x 120’ for BBC3)

Great TV Mistakes image

Robert Webb looks at the best mistakes from your favourite TV shows including: Lost, Friends, Doctor Who, Simpsons, Band Of Brothers, Thunderbirds, Bones, Only Fools and Horses, Greys Anatomy and Fawlty Towers.

Great Movie Mistakes

(1 x 180’ – 3 x 60’ for BBC3)

Great Movie Mistakes image

Robert Webb introduces the greatest movie mistakes from Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including: Spider Man, High School Musical, Hancock, Gladiator, Quantum of Solace, Lord Of The Rings and many many more.

Don't Get Screwed

(8 x 30')

Don't Get Screwed image

This new show puts a consumer twist on the scam format by testing people’s reactions to poor customer service at fake shops, garages and restaurants. The 8x30-minute will see people get frustrated because they don’t always know what their legal rights are.

THE REAL HUSTLE Series 1, 2, 3, 4 (Las Vegas), 5, 6, 7 and 8

(94 x 30' and 2 x 60' Specials) for BBC3 between February 2006 and December 2008

The Real Hustle image

The 'hustlers' - confidence trickster Alex Conran, scam artist Paul Wilson and 'sexy swindler' Jessica-Jane Clement - carry out some of the most notorious scams on unsuspecting members of the public demonstrating how viewers can avoid being hustled themselves.

Features interviews with experts in fraud protection and police who have dealt with con artists, as well as testimonies from people who have fallen victim to recent scams. It reveals how damaging such fraud can be to both businesses and individuals.

Sold to over 30 countries

Series producer

Andy Scott (series 1), Justin Gorman (series 2)

Joint Exec producers

Anthony Owen, Matt Crook and Andrew O'Connor

Don't Miss A Trick

1 x 30' for BBC1

Don't Miss A Trick image

August Bank Holiday special broadcast on BBC1. A team of tricksters made a car disappear, bent spoons with the power of the mind and produced a real Dr Who Tardis. Pete Firman and Alex, Paul and Jessica of The Real Hustle are our Masters of Deception. They combine their tricky talents to baffle the public with some incredible magic and astonishing illusions. They pull a series of hidden camera magic stunts on members of the public. Incredible jaw dropping magic that will surprise and amaze.

What Where And Why?

30' Pilot for BBC1

What Where And Why? image

What Where And Why? presents fantastic facts in a dangerous, hilarious and sometimes surprising manner. Using laboratory science, location stunts and occasional hidden camera tricks on the public, the show educates, scares and entertains in equal measures. This is a dynamic popular science format show that answers all those intriguing amazing science conundrums – from why don’t penguins feet freeze to what happens if you are struck by lightning…

People Watchers

(20 x 45') for BBC1

People Watchers image

A covert team of psychologists carry out hidden camera experiments on the public. The People Watchers manipulate people in every kind of situation; the job interview, speed dating, identity parade, supermarket, high street, bar, restaurant, school and courtroom. Through hidden camera experiments, three psychologists show viewers how people think and how it affects everything we do. They play characters in hidden camera experiments to show how the minds of unsuspecting members of the public react to a variety of situations. They draw them into scenarios to study and measure their reactions. Viewers gain an insight and understanding into how human beings think and behave.

Perfect Night In

(3 x 120') for Channel 4

A Perfect Night In imageA Perfect Night In image

Perfect Night In features some of comedy’s favourite A-list stars as they choose their perfect night of TV. Show 1 – Matt Lucas and David Walliams, Show 2 – Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, Show 3 – Lenny Henry. They each pick their favourite TV and movie moments, which would make up their ideal night's viewing.

Dutch Elm Conservatoire

(10 x 5') for Paramount Channel 2007

Dutch Elm Conservatoire image

Paramount Comedy is proud to present a series of exclusive sketches from this truly unique four-man comedy team, serving up comedy that is both dark and daft

Since they first met back in 2002, they have been tickling funny bones on both stage and screen, as well as on the radio. We won't try and explain their comedy as there really is no point. Anyhoo, we love 'em and we think you will too!

The Bullshit Detective

(4 x 60') for BBC3 in March 2007

The Bullshit Detective image

In this 4 x 60 min series Alasdair gives vent to his rage and takes us on a journey through the world of hype, lies and bullshit. He confronts salesmen and psychics and other purveyors of nonsense in his quest to stop the onslaught on our minds.

UK Lost

UK Lost image

Locked away in a long deserted vault, Iain Lee and a legion of devout Lost obsessives look each week into the conspiracies, the background and the mysteries of the 2nd Series of the TV show. Hidden plot lines, answers to the questions and sneak previews of the next episode will ensure that you get the extra fix you need.

Scoop! The Greatest Tabloid Headlines

(1 x 120') for Channel 4

Scoop! image

Countdown of memorable red-top newspaper splashes, including the eyebrow-raising story entitled 'Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster' and the infamous 'Achtung! Surrender' headline before England's Euro '96 clash with Germany. Featuring comments from past and present editors and columnists.

Fear of... Flying

(1 x 60') for Channel 4 in July 2006

Fear of... Flying image

The series concerns members of the public confronting their phobias head-on. The first show concentrates on people with a fear of flying. Lawrence Leyton attempts to cure 50 people of their phobia, using an arsenal of mind therapy techniques.

Extreme Family Values

(1 x 60') for Sky

Extreme Family Values image

"Extreme Family Values" aims to pull families back together by putting them into extreme situations where they are forced to survive, communicate and pull together without the distractions that make up modern life. families are forced to work through their problems through survival – there is no better clarity than a worst case scenario.

Best Unseen Ads

(12 x 60') for Sky

Best Unseen Ads image

Ed Byrne presents a trawl through the advertising archives, to find the most outrageous, eccentric and entertaining commercials yet made.

19 Keys

(12 x 30') for five

19 Keys Picture image

Every show four contestants will compete against each other. Each contestant starts off with 19 keys, but only one key can unlock that jackpot to £7,500!!! As the quiz begins, only your general knowledge will help you eliminate keys, and outwit your opponents in a fast and frenzied race against time.

Throughout the game, the clock ticks away as the money rises to the ultimate jackpot of £7,500!! Once the jackpot peaks, the money starts to crash back to Zero and it’s a race against time. Do you play on and eliminate more keys, running the risk of your competitors beating you to the money? Or do you take a gamble and guess which key unlocks the treasure trove, knowing that if you pick the wrong key, you’re out of the game? There can be only ONE WINNER …..

Ghost Hunter

(1 x 60')

Ghost Hunter image

Documentary investigating Harry Price Britain’s first and most famous ghost hunter.


(10 x 5') for Channel 4 in 2005

Rewriting History image

Rewriting History is a series of shorts that bring to life a surprising vision of a world we could have been living in. Each short is packaged in the style of a news bulletin and illustrated with mocked-up news footage featuring look-alikes, fake government information films, mock commercials, and doctored news headlines. They are peppered with talking head interviews from experts and celebrities who shed light on how history could have happened differently and what the implications would have been.

Exec producers

Matt Crook / Andrew O'Connor

Movie Mistakes Uncovered Uncut

(6 x 30') for five

A humorous look at errors in films and television, usually lapses in continuity.