Broadcaster: Five
Year: 2003
Number of Episodes: 12 x 30'

Show Description:

Every show four contestants will compete against each other. Each contestant starts off with 19 keys, but only one key can unlock that jackpot to £7,500!!! As the quiz begins, only your general knowledge will help you eliminate keys, and outwit your opponents in a fast and frenzied race against time.

Throughout the game, the clock ticks away as the money rises to the ultimate jackpot of £7,500!! Once the jackpot peaks, the money starts to crash back to Zero and it’s a race against time. Do you play on and eliminate more keys, running the risk of your competitors beating you to the money? Or do you take a gamble and guess which key unlocks the treasure trove, knowing that if you pick the wrong key, you’re out of the game? There can be only ONE WINNER…